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July 06, 2006


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Hmm... OK, I can accept that mercury doesn't cause autism.

But, mercury is still poisonous. I really can't blame anyone for not wanting it injected into them or their children, even if autism isn't one of the potential negative effects.

If pro-mercury-injection people want to soothe parents, etc., they should probably find some way to explain to people why these mercury injections are not harmful.

I don't know enough about these injections to feel confident believing anything about them for certain.

But, I am inclined to be quite leery of them, since mercury is definitely poisonous, and it seems very commonsense to not want it injected into you or a loved one.

Best wishes. :)

Mercury is poisonous. Ethyl mercury, one of the chemicals thimerosal breaks down into is not (at least, not in the amounts given) for the same reason that water isn't flammible (hydrogen), and table salt isn't a poisonous green gas (chlorine): The woos, especially Fore Sam, love to obscure that little grade school chunk of chemistry by referring to compounds as their least favorite element.

Additionally, the dose makes the poison: Even oxygen can be poisonous.

Of course, woos have been taking the trend towards removing thimerosal as proof of teh ev1l gl0balist conspiracy cover-up. If it remained, they'd be claiming it's for vaccine manufacturers to maximize profits. Can't please anyone.

Additionally, even if all the thimerosal was removed yesterday, they'd continue to blame it, or they'd shift to blaming something else in vaccines. Just watch what happens if you tell one of them that MMR never had thimerosal in it.

On the same premise... yes, if you spill mercury and breath the fumes, it is dangerous.

Also you will burn your lungs with chlorine gas, and sodium is a very volutile metal (it you throw it into water it explodes and burns). But you cannot live without common table salt: NaCl (sodium chloride).

Also, the elements hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen are generally considered harmless... except as hydrogen cyanide, HCN. (though several scammers try to sell laetrile, which they also call vitamin B17, to cure cancer, but forget to tell folks that the active ingredient is HCN).

For more information on the history of the use of thimerosal and the actual amounts in vaccines see:
(also think about what you would rather have during a natural disaster: a DT shot with thimerosal to keep bacterial infections out of the multi-dose vial, a DT shot without thimerosal which may not have been stored properly because of power interruptions... or the actual tetanus disease).

Mercury is poisonous in certain doses, but measles, mumps, rubella, polio, etc tend to by far deadlier. Lets not forget about the obscene amount of mercury in tuna and other large fish...

I would be far more concerned for the child that eats a tuna sandwhich 3 times a week.

The study was done in one specific geographic region -- the folks I have heard complaining about mercury and such in vaccines tend to focus on California -- there was some level of geographic specificity, at least. Of course, none of it caused us to not have our kid vaccinated, but just worth pointing out that you can't use this one study to dismiss the argument if the argument is about different vaccines than those used in Quebec during the period studied.


Re: you can't use this one study to dismiss the argument if the argument is about different vaccines than those used in Quebec during the period studied.

Your point is incoherent:

1 Thimerosal is Thimerosal – it’s the same whether it is in a vaccine given in Canada or California.

2 PDD rates were highest when the children were Thimerosal free. That is true no matter what vaccines are being used elsewhere. That indicates Thimerosal is unlikely to be to blame.

3 What are you suggesting is in the vaccine in California that is to blame? And how could this, if it is not in a vaccine in Canada, be causing this high rate of PDD in Canada?

Also, Nathan... There are also population studies that have taken place in the UK, Finland, Denmark and the State of Washington that all came to the same conclusion.

These are referenced in the full paper:

Also, information on California is also listed in the bibliography.

Mercury/thimerosal was NEVER used in the MMR vaccines, as it would kill the live virus used.

It is the aluminum and formaldehyde that causes the most damage, as both are proven neurotoxins. Both are found in many of the vaccines.

Last time I checked, aluminum was fairly inert inside a human body.

Formaldehyde is a new one on me. Do you have evidence that it's toxic in the amounts given?

After all, everything's a neurotoxin in high enough amounts.

Aluminium has neurotoxic effects in large enough doses (can bring on Alzheimer's), but I think you need a fairly large single dose.

Formaldehyde is slightly carcinogenic, but I think you need to be in skin contact with it for many prolonged periods.

I know these facts, and I'm not a physician or clinician. I imagine the people who produce the vaccines know the danger criteria in infinitely better detail than I.

I suspect the real problem is not thimoseral, aluminium or formaldehyde. Doubtless these vaccines are suspended in water at some stage; pure, sterile water. Autism must be caused by homeopathic overdose!

Ban all sterile water immediately!

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