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July 26, 2006


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I don't feel qualified to comment: I'm a Scorpio, and it's obviously a Scorpio trait never to believe in astrology.

I'm an Aquarius. I might be back to comment tomorrow.

Sorry, Paul, if you're an Aquarius, you must have a watery, "wishy-washy" personality, and you won't be able to make your mind up about it one way or the other.

It only stands to reason...

What irrationalism on the part of supernaturalists and paranormalists.I am schizotypal and suppossed to go for weird stuff, but on the contrary,thankfully!

Poor old Ophiucans - they aren't even included in the Zodiac by those mean old astrologers!

As a gullible, indecisive Libran, I think you're both right.

Well, at least you must have a good, balanced view, has.

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