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July 23, 2006


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I think I'll take a whack at guessing what they'll say.

The BBC is all about reporting both sides of an argument. You're really closed-minded for not just blindly agreeing with us. There are many people who claim benefits from this stuff, but we're not going to bother mentioning people who don't get any benefit from it. You just have to respect their unverifiable beliefs. It's not our job to find the truth, just to pass on what people tell us, no matter how implausible. Science doesn't know everything, therefore it obviously knows nothing. Why do you have to complicate things by searching for verifiable facts? People have believed this stuff for thousands of years. Who are you to question them? This stuff is all-natural, so it's got to be better. It's also very advanced, since it involves quantum stuff. This stuff is endorsed by really educated people, who you laugh at, just like they did for Galileo. You're persecuting them with your negativity and arrogant worldview.

What did you expect from the country of £131.50 TV licence and CCTV?

Good points there. He hasn't answered me either. Why am I not surprised?

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