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July 08, 2006


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I have no doubt that Coulter is cynically milking the ignorance of her fans to make a buck. It doesn't matter if her raccoon story is really a parody of ID. Her dittoheads are incapable of critical thinking, and she knows it.

Sadly, I've found that the answer to the question "Can anyone REALLY be that stupid?" is almost invariably "Yes."

Like mankind in general, it seems Ann has no quantifiable upper bound to her stupidity.

Carl Zimmer has a post up at his blog confessing that he inspired the Giant Raccoon Flatulence theory. Coulter wrote it in response to one of his articles.

Ah! The Giant Raccoon farted on the html for the color pallete! Repent, for the end is near! ;)

New color scheme?

Damn and blast, as my dad used to say! Too late. Looks like the same old colour scheme to me.

This is too weird. Why would Dembski ghost write for Coulter? Could it be part of the Wedge no publicity is bad publicity strategy?

Do you know what coulter means? Coincidence?

Whenever I send an email with the word "Coulter" in it, my email program always gives me the option "replace" (with one of three different spellings it suggests) or "ignore". I tend to think we should all choose the latter option. Not just in emails; in general.

Hmm, is it me, or was that last post just a tad off-topic?

Yes it was Al - thanks. Spam now deleted. For some reason Typepad didn't email me with this comment so i didn't notice it.

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