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August 28, 2006


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You correctly infer the post was not favorable to GM crops as a solution, although not for anti-science reasons. The concern over GM crops, as you obviously know but don't address, involves (among other things) concerns over monoculture and the concern that introducing alien species (which is potentially what a GM crop is) will have irreversible effects, etc. That's the down side. We addressed the supposed up side, which wasn't very far up. It stopped working, at least according to the Cornell scientists. If you believe the notorious Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to the contrary, then I have a used car for you and a bridge in Brooklyn for lease.

The Chinese government is particularly reckless when it comes to the environment as are agribusiness concerns that promote GM seedstocks. We have no objection to well controlled scientific experiments but have genuine concern about uncontrolled uses of agents, whether GM crops or pesticides, on a mass basis without proper understanding of the effects, promoted by interests whose concern for public health and the environment are very low on their list.

In the case of the post you cite, our use of the Seeger tag line referred to fixing a technical "problem' with another technical fix. Our experience with this tactic should be sufficient to make one extremely wary. But it obviously isn't.

It's interesting that GM cotton has been grown extensively for over a decade and people still insist on making wild claims about it. Like, for instance, that it must be bad because the Chinese government is bad. The farmers like it, and they're better at deciding what works than anyone else. After all, they make the planting decisions.

I dispair. Here in France people tear up GM crops that are been grown for test purposes. They go into the fields en-masse, with lots of publicity. The police are there and theylook on and they make no arrests. Jose Bove is seen as a hero and is going into politics.
I'm afraid it is going to be down to China and other far east countries to push the R&D on GM biology. And we'll end up going cap in hand to them for solutions.

It really seems like some people just aren't very bright. The choice is simple GMO's or pesticides and fertilizers made with the same carbon dioxide we're trying to get out of the air.

It is becoming more and more common for someone to critisize with little or no knowledge of what they're talking about.

I live in the US and we use GMO's here and have been for awhile. Our birds aren't falling out of the sky, our fish aren't going belly up and people aren't coming down with untreatable diseases from some unknown or unforseen pathogen. I think this situation would be best handled by a mass marketing campagin to educate the world about GMO's. Probably nearly ever one has already ate, used clothes or breathed some plant that was used for Bio Diesel at some point.

Oh I'm sure there are some who may say not me and roll on the floor yelling and screaming they haven't. Of course they never ate meat, poultry of fish and corn, soy and a host of other products never crossed there lips. Perhaps they just don't read about the preservatives in cans, GMO's are here and they have enhanced our lives.

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