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September 25, 2006


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Nonsense. She was perfectly correct - it gave birth to a panda cub, just as predicted!

And it didn't give birth to a dog or a monkey, therefore evolution is false!

I'm certain Helene actually meant "tomboy" and was simply misintrepreted, so she was right after all.

It's a lesbian baby panda.

Her prediction must've been taken out of context.

Aw you guys took all the good jokes.

Actually the Panda is somewhat deformed sexually and will either turn out to be a hermaphodite or will have the whole late testes descent thing happen. Or she'll get a sex change. Cross dresser? I'm out someone else's turn.

man that panda is not a virgin, i wish i wasn't......

i am horny for pandas

My dad is a doctor who delivers a fair number of babies. He's also a skeptic, but a bit of a trickster too. He has this trick he plays with expectant mothers occasionally. He "guesses" which gender the baby will be, and then dilligently records the guess in the patient's chart. Only he records the opposite of whatever he said out loud, so he's safe no matter what happens. :-P

(He of course then explains this to the patient, who gets a good laugh.)

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