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September 15, 2006


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Can I translate it into Spanish and publishing it in my blog? This might be a good chance to have a vacation in New Zealand...

I think that "publishing" is wrong. Sorry.


As far as I am concerned - yes please translate and publish. Note, I didn't write the review of the product, it was written by Stephen Judd of the Spleen blog. Don't forget to give him full accreditation.

...."In nearly every instance the card will fit over your phone’s battery. If necessary, you may trim your card to fit. The card will still be totally effective but its active life will be reduced in proportion to the area of card removed....The card can be affixed to the top or front of your computer screen..."

I wonder if the opposite is true? Suppose you taped a million or so together. Would the (in)effectiveness be proportionally increased? Could I shield my home from cosmic death rays of strife and discord from planet Eris?

JC and all,
I suggest the classic tin-foil hat to protect from all sources of EMR, including those cosmic death rays, and I'm prepared to sell you one, contact me. As for your house, certainly we can work on a tin-foil 'house hat', for a phenomenal fee of course. Unless you'd rather have cardboard....

A far cheaper solution to your phone's dangerous electro-magnetic fields is to glue a pad of steel-wool to its back-side. This draws out and earths your phone's electro-magnetic fields away from your head. It works like a charm. (Caution: use only organic glue!)

I havn't seen anyone mention yet that this "magic card" can be scanned at airports as often as you like without lowering it's "life expectency" (read: marketing gimmick) :|

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