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October 03, 2006


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I was taken aback, too. I don't want dogma with my news. The "Free Speech" segment has become tiresome. It reminds me of the old OpEd segment on a local channel that launched the political career of Jesse Helms.

This type of thing is exactly why, having moved here from the UK in February 2006, I still try to get my news from the BBC either via the internet or PBS when they broadcast the BBC World News.

The US news media is a massive waste of space. What happened to the likes of Morrow, Cronkite, Woodward and Bernstein?


Side bonus rant'd!

It gets worse, unfortunately. When Bill Mahr was going to do the free speech segment CBS presented him with an approved list of topics, but he wanted to do a piece that was anti-religion. CBS said no and Mahr pulled out. So Bill Mahr's free anti-religious speech is unacceptable to CBS but this poor man's dubious claims based on religious punditry is acceptable? Not only was last nights segment logically and factually wrong, there is no hope, apparently it will be balanced out eventually.

Pardon my language kids but you know what really pisses me off aobut this take on why these school shootings happen (well one of the things anyway...there are so many to choose from)? Many of these kids were the victims of bullies and finally got fed up in the worst way possible. Can't say that I don't understand why kids with that specific issue snapped like this (having gone through it myself at one point). SO for every parent and teacher saying, "Oh it's so horrible," I want to know where they were when their precious "innocent children" were tormenting other kids for being different (poor, dressed funny, whatever). Because I can tell you when I went threw it that 1) it was god fearing christian kids doing to tormenting and 2) not a teacher to be found who would doa thing to stop it. This whole topic seriously raises my effing blood pressure.

I do not sympathize with this man in the slightest. I know of no words that are suitable to describe the disgust I feel at the sight of a man who would use the murder of his son to promote his political views.

God is omniscient and all-powerful. Being omniscient and all-powerful, he has the power to stop violence like that which took Rohrbough's child. Because God let Rohrbough's child die, we can assume Rohrbough, or his child, lacked favor in God's eyes.

Having "free speech" segments is a good idea, I think, but requires better execution. After all, it is one-way nature of television that is responsible for the inhibition of this nation's "marketplace of ideas". I think it is worth experimenting with and exploring further.


It is possible that Maher was wrong and that he was not prevented from talking about religion, according to this and this.

"For over two generations, the public school system has taught in a moral vacuum"

The Amish killer was a homeschooled Christian.


Skeptico, this is Stuart from Daily Irreverence. I just wanted to say that your latest comment nearly had me in tears, and that I will definitely be reading your blog now. I have no idea how you muster the patience to deal with people like him, I simply cannot do it.

Oh you mean Mr. Fantastic? It comes from years of debating on the JREF forums. I find it amusing actually. And once they resort to name calling you’ve basically won.

I’m glad you think I’m patient. Some of my opponents on this blog have been less complimentary at times. ;-)

I just love the gimmick you use of taking their words and substituting one noun for another, and how they never seems to realize what you did...

Hey Skeptico,

Those quotes from Bill Maher on the first site you posted were taken out of context. Maher didn't apologize in the way they were suggesting. (not suprising consider the bias of the site) I saw his entire response, and he definitely wasnt changing his claim. He was actually challenging CBS.

The video of it is in the september archives of www.onegoodmove.org.

As for the demented man on the stupid box.... that is the least 'free' speech i've heard in quite awhile. It seems quite expensive, in fact.

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