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December 20, 2006


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I have a feeling that the only thing that will stop Sylvia Browne is a falling piano or anvil.
I would know because my dead uncle's cat's grandfather's spirit told me.

I have seen this woman on Montel's show and she wins people over by her sheer confidence. So, I would call it a 'confidence game'. I do believe that some people may have extraordinary talents but who does and who doesn't...that's the poblem.

but who does and who doesn't...that's the poblem.

Not really. Not only is their an awesome gentleman out there who will test you in a double blind study for free, if you can prove your paranormal ability, you win $1 million!

The fact that no one has proven their ability under testing conditions that remove chance and deception should say something about the existance of the paranormal though...

Ryan's link, fixed. You forgot the "http://"

Wow, Rob has added a lot of information already, since he first put the site up. Really a great read. He does quality work. Lets hope some people are brought to reason.


You guys are not learning much if you can't read. Sylvia has never claimed to be correct all the time. She is human, its not that she doesn't get the right information, it that she misunderstands what is given to her from above.

How about using a handle, anonymous person? You really ought to check out StopSylviaBrown.com. It has numerous embarrassing moments for the good lady, backed up by actual live footage from Montel, etc.

This is a person who can't tell the difference between all of a group of miners being alive, all being dead and all but one being dead.

This is someone who passes on a clear, explicit message from the underworld - from a person who isn't actually dead.

This is someone who claims certain police forces rely on her, but they deny ever consulting her when asked. You'd think they'd be worried to piss off their Number One source of information like that...

Can you give me a clear, verifiable case where Sylvia has EVER been 100% on the money?

I don't mean some vague factor, like, say being near water (most bodies are found near some water). I mean USEFUL information.

I mean a perpetrator's name (first name AND surname), description, address.

Three little items vital in bringing a perpetrator to justice.

And she has in the past said she is never wrong. Perhaps she was wrong when she said that?

Its funny that if you go to Sylvia's website that there is absolutely no way to email her or her company. You must call her 1-800 number so you can be telemarketed by some of her "congregation".

Its also funny that she founded a "church", I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with getting around the IRS and actually paying taxes on all the "good work" she does.

And its also funny that a missing kid from Saint Louis, who she told his parents was dead and lying by a rock in the woods somewhere, turned up 4 years later in some pizza delivery man's apartment.

This woman is incredible, do you think she could walk on water for $1400 an hour?

I don't demand that Sylvia be perfect: I only demand that she be useful before she charges money or claiming to be psychic. Not very impressive to guess at about chance rate.

She's just another cold reading fake.

its not that she doesn't get the right information, it that she misunderstands what is given to her from above.

And I'm gonna wager you have zero evidence to back that statement up. So please withdraw it.

The story of the missing kid from Saint Louis, and Browne’s incorrect guesses about him (referred to above by sylvia is satan), have now been posted. Comments on that post are open.

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