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January 23, 2007


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Only problem I see with the article is this statement: "I know some psychics have actually helped authorities crack missing persons and murder cases." How does he *know* that? Because they said so?

Enough already. :) Was there even a chance she was for real? Maybe Montel was convinced, but I'm shocked people give her this much thought. I think the term is pornoparapsychology (although it's all crap)!

I was hating Sylvia Browne before hating Sylvia Browne was cool.

The pro-Sylvia brigade, who can cheerfully declare that black is white without coaching, will just chant the approved mantra, "you mentioned three cases where Sylvia was off the boil, but what about the hundreds of cases where she was right? She's not GOD, you know!... No, I can't actually name any of these cases off-hand, but just watch Medium on TV. That's a documentary series directly based on her cases. Do you really think the TV executives don't thoroughly research their sources in the finest detail? D'UH!"

"Oh, unless it's a so-called documentary about 9/11 not being an inside job. Then they're just lying through their teeth for the Illuminati."

It's all so half-hearted. There is never proper and just condemnation in the media of con artists like Sylvia Browne. It's just the same on British TV with quack medicine. There are always enough caveats and doubts thrown in by woolly minded presenters who feel they have to show some "balance" to keep the credulous still credulous.
The reason is the media sponsors and accountants love this stuff because it's an incredibly easy way to rake in the profits. They are complicit with the "psychic" charlatans in fleecing the gullible and desperate, and just as guilty. If this isn't true, why aren't the likes of those two gaping anuses Larry King and Montel Williams, along with their production teams, taken to task over the theatrical deceptions over which they preside?
The reason Sylvia Browne and all her lying "psychic" colleagues are so financially successful is because the media loves them. Every now and again, when something disgusting happens as did recently on the Montel Williams show, a few media people express some sham of disapproval. But it smacks of a damage limitation on the part of CNN and the like, and when it's all died down the old hag Brown will be back being interviewed by the sycophantic Larry King. And where will, that be? Why, on CNN of course!

Mind you, I see Randi is on CNN tonight (January 24), and I've seen a condemnation of Sylvia Brown on Fox's website (Fox normally swallow some of the most imbecilic stuff out, like Joe Newman's never-materialising "miracle machines". So perhaps there's hope for at least the big American networks.

Let's just hope the UK networks will follow suit: show me evidence, or I show you my great big pink, hairy rear end!

Minor factual point - the TV series "Medium" is based on Allison Dubois, not Sylvia Browne. Also "Ghost Whisperer" is based on James Van Praagh.

Wait a minute, James Van Praagh? Cause I've seen the pictures, and he doesn't look anything like Jennifer Love-Hewitt. I thought he looked more like a neanderthal version of John Stossel. Apparently I was mistaken.

Who knew?

Very true Akusai. Just one of the many differences between the TV program and reality.

Sorry, Skeptico:( My bad on "Medium", but the principle's the same.

Skeptico, you made it into the UK Guardian blog!


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