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January 28, 2007


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Perhaps if this petition is high-profile enough, Sylvia's "customers" will begin to ask her awkward questions. Let's hope so.

I like Randi's changes. As Big Al says, perhaps if enough publicity is garnered the followers of big name psychics will do all the work. Plus it really puts the emphasis where it belongs in terms of proving psychics to be charlatans - on those who claim to be psychic so they can take advantage of others. It's not the small time tarot card readers I really have issues with, it's the John Edwards/Sylvia Brown/Allison Dubois types that really get me.

One thing from my little worldview. Any regular posters who remember me know that I'm not exactly what one would call a full fledged psychic in the typical sense. I harbor the belief in the possibility of some wootype stuff, though I wouldn't say I actively believe in the woo itself. I should point out that I don't believe anyone can talk to the dead, but I wonder about the possibility of some other "ESP" type stuff. Even if it hasn't happened yet, I don't see why it couldn't in the future.

In any case, I've always figured that *if* there are any legitimate ESPers out there, they are probably 1) totally below the radar in terms of the public (say a small town resident or even tribesman in some third world country or whatever) so the media profile wouldn't apply to them and 2) possibly not "in control" of any "gifts" they may have, and therefore unable to perform on demand. Admitedly that's an idea common in fiction on the topic, but I've always thought it plausible.

So I'm wondering how Randi would react to such a person taking the challenge (OK so if there were a psychic tribesman, he'd never even hear of the challenge and it wouldn't matter), given that they don't meet the new critera. Let's say if some random schmoe from a small town were to decide to "prove Randi wrong," as doubtful as that may be, would they have to go get themselves some academic ackowledgement and give a bunch of interviews real fast to qualify, or would Randi be willing to test them if enough "normal folks" from the neighborhood testified to strange events and the like?

I know that I personally would never take the challenge if I thought I were psychic, because I've seen too many bad sci fi movies with government dissections and I'm impressionable like that. =) But then if I were psychic I wouldn't be likely to claim to be one and try to make money off of it. I'd be more likely to use it as a tool (say for preparing for the "surprise" meeting with the boss) instead of an event of itself (pretending to read the future).

Massive typo correction in second paragraph of my (again) overly wordy comment:

"that I'm not exactly what one would call a full fledged psychic in the typical sense."

That should be skeptic not psychic. Dag nabbit.

I think I can pass the test. Alright, I'm using my psychic powers and I sense that... wait for it... nanananana.... James Randi isn't going to give me a million bucks.

So, if he doesn't give me the prize, it means that I've won the prize and he has to give it to me. Yes, it's a foolproof plan.

I also see... a fried-chicken sundae...

Sorry, sam, you completely missed the double-stop Oreos, and I bet you never sent off the postal order to the comic.

You are a fraud, my friend! Prepare to do battle!

Tutta-tutta-tutta-tutta... Duddda-dudda-dudda-dudda...

At the risk of having my head explode, scanners style, I think you should quit watching Montel (which is crap) and watch Maury Povich instead. I like my freaks unpsychic god dammit. Sylvia Browne, you are not the father! ;)

What's the matter, Louie? Sylvia is an unpsychic freak!

On The Randi Foundation's 2005 990 statement, it shows that their investment claim is about 80k short of a million dollars. Not a big deal. Would like to see the 2006 statement.


Ha. Quite right. I meant I prefer the Maury freaks to batty old con artist freaks...yawn...and the way Montel fawns...boring! :)

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