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January 16, 2007


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Wow. Congrats.

Kudos for Skeptico.

As well it should be! I can't tell you how many people I've referred to that blog post.

Will you be doing a review, err, bashing, of The Secret anytime soon?

I think we cannot ignore the no-secret of that being crap. I can't force myself to see this too after the 2 versions of "What The (Bleep) Do We Know!?".
(but is a lot better to know what kind of narrators they call from the start, as the subtitles appear on they first phrase)


I don't think I can face watching "The Secret" - although you're not the first to ask.

Congratulations! You're now published in an actual book! Of course, from my position, that is quite a deserved recognition. Way to go, bro.

The Secret is just hurting for some proper criticism. Your review of What the Bleep was so good, I hope you review the Secret.

I couldn't sit through it. I forced about half an hour of it, but was actually very angry at what was going on and had to turn it off. It's nothing but an excuse for rich people to feel justified in their greediness and blame victims for their own misfortunes (after all, they attracted it). I wanted to scream at them if it works 100% of the time, what about starving third world children - they are thinking about the wrong things?

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