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February 14, 2007


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SUbtle. I like the second one best (with viewer responses), although it's so subtle it's hard to tell it's parody until you get to the "orignal Bible or translation" question. The answer - "The real one. Enlgish only." Heh.

That is just too funny! Of course those with errrrr...."less than critical thinking skills" might not realize it's a parody! Thanx for passing that on.


However it's far too subtle. Certain irony-impaired people won't get it. You watch, some dumbass will use this to prop up the fairy tale.

Landoverbaptist used to have that problem. At one point they were so subtle that there were fundie links to them periodically. Good times.

Anybody watch "Part 2"? Cripe...I want to believe that people didn't actually send him those comments, but I just can't.

Well, it's a possibility that he didn't actually receive those comments, but mined them from actual atheist arguments made elsewhere (and then reworked them to look like comments sent to him). I actually made the "Disprove that I created the universe" argument and a comment about "What if I wrote my own book saying I did it? Would my claim suddenly become true?" on my blog not long ago. I can't figure out when the video was made, however, so I can't say if this was before or after I'd posted that.

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