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February 08, 2007


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I know several medical personnel who have perfectly legitimate complaints with "Big Pharma," and use that term to refer to the companies involved.

For example, should antipsychotic drugs really be advertised directly to people on the street?

I'd say that qualifies as an exception.

And probably like you, I'd rather let the guy with the degree and stethoscope decide which pill is best for me.

But "Big Pharma" implies a single, overarching power with a secret, single, nefarious objective, rather than individual companies prepared to stretch therules in order to make money.

She forgot:

They use argumentum ad hitlerum.

Or argumentum ad Illuminatium
Or argumentum ad novus ordo mundium

"Big Pharma" also implies a "Small Pharma" of some sort. Then again I suppose that meth labs constitute drugs as a cottage industry to some extent.

Thanks for the linkage, Skeptico

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