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February 12, 2007


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New age weirdness. It is mind boggling in its inventiveness.
Look at this vid on Shamanic Healing and try and figure out what the hell this guy is talking about.
He charges $1500 for the experience!

I've been getting emails about World Sound Healing Day and the Healing Sound Store from my favorite New-Wage spam service. No big surprise about the “intention” angle. Intention is all the rage these days. It's part of the Law of Attraction craze.

Masaru Emoto is a big deal too among the Secretrons and Bleepers.

Perhaps we could, even as skeptics, join in? Air horns are much cheaper than that tuning fork set - heck you can even get environmentally friendly rechargeable air horns!

If the newage theory is right, our blasting out this sound with a Skeptical intention should guide them all toward rational thinking!

Or just irritate them. Yea, that works.

Ha! Next thing, they'll be claiming that meditation has positive effects.

Ha! Next thing, they'll be claiming that meditation has positive effects.

And pretend that we don't already know that. Of course, there's no magic involved.

*Sigh.* As a meditation teacher, I try to stick to the practical side and openly mock any magical claims about meditation. There's nothing wrong with sitting on a beach and humming to save the planet until people start taking it literally, and inevitably start fighting with one another over the exact pronunciation of the magical syllable that's going to - oh, right, well never mind about healing the world.

As a playful metaphor, as a theatrical activity, as a kind of art - sitting on a beach and humming for peace is great. Doing some meditation practice can make you feel good and release some stuff - not bad. Sometimes we use metaphors to talk about why that is, and when we start taking the metaphors literally religious sects are born, New Age hucksters make a profit, and dangerous people find yet another lever for exploiting people.

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