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March 01, 2007


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A few days ago I found a used book Aliens in the Sky: The Scientific Rebuttal to the Condon Committee Report edited by John G. Fuller (written in 1969). Scientific should of course be read as "woo".

I think I need to read and review it. Could be interesting to see how many of the arguments are still recycled today.

Hellyer has been going steadily, publicly nuts for about 20 years now. He started out with the Trudeau government, but since then, he's jumped from party to party on down into the fringes of politics, with tiny little parties that don't register in the polls at all. His other political projects have included Quixotic attempts to merge various larger parties, and some pretty odd policial/monetary schemes that sort of sound like warmed over Social Credit stuff.

Nobody in Canada has taken him seriously since the 1980s, at least.

Hilarious! We all must be desperate if we're going to La Chupacabra for policy advice.

When Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of National Defence in the 1960s, he championed the "unification" of the Canadian Forces. That is, instead of separate Army, Navy and Air Force pay systems, supply systems, medical systems, etc, just have one. He went too far when the military ended up in the same bland, green uniform, but much of his integration of systems and policies resulted in efficiencies and was ahead of his time. Back then, he was a bold iconoclast. Years later, as a curriculum planner for a military college, I invited Hellyer to speak to a senior course about his thoughts and experience concerning his unification policy. His speech was disappointingly banal, but then he finished with a 10-minute riff on the conspiracy of a secret, one-world government. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Needless to say, he was not invited back. Sad.

I thought this would interest you Skep.

I can only imagine the woo response.

If we are being visited by races from other worlds perhaps there is more that just one type of alien visiting us?

Perhaps, like humans, there are heartless aliens possessing high technology and also other extraterrestrials with high technology but with a sense of compassion?

Whether alien or an apparent "human" from South Dakota, I would prefer to meet the compassionate kind!

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