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March 31, 2007


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Count me as one of those that arrived due to Bad Astronomy. You're now in my RSS reader. Keep up the good work.

By the way, it's Dugg.

I need some of that. I'm hovering at just over 200 hits a day.

That photography thing was pretty damn awesome by the way.

Wonderful! Glad to do it. I was on travel this weekend, and in fact several of the people who invited me to the talk were discussing your writing, and they really liked it!

The photography post was great, and after browsing around a bit here, I expect to be a regular. I especially enjoyed your "What the Bleep..." posts.

Also, I think it's "Dugg" but I could be wrong.

Congrats! I love being dugg, though it hasn't happened in a while. They tend to like my worse stuff (for some reason), but yours was quite a read. I was confused as to how that post was popping up everywhere, but not Google Reader. It was a nice one too, quite deserving.

Congrats. This post on DCA by me was Digged a couple of months ago and brought in about 30,000 visitors in a day. Sadly, the spike is usually pretty transient and temporary. My traffic was back to normal by around day three or four. Still, some of the new readers may have stuck around, given that my traffic the month after was up over the traffic the month before the spike.

As for your not having as much traffic as I do, you're doing pretty darned good for not posting nearly as often as I do. I average around 2,500 to 3,000 visits a day during the week, about 60% of that on the weekends. That's less than twice your traffic.

Something similar happened to me during the dust-up between Spocko and the evil minions of KSFO. Mike Stark at Daily Kos linked to one of my posts at the height of the controversy and I started getting more visitors in an hour than I usually got in a week. Now that the big spike in traffic has passed, my stats look pretty anemic again, even though they are still mostly higher than before. Fun while it lasted.

Very nice boost there. This is an outstanding blog, and you certainly deserve a wide audience. Here's hoping that April puts March to shame.

Wow!! Thats almost off the chart!!!


I still average around 50 (plus whatever blogline readers I have), and a not insignificant portion of my readers comes from people clicking on the link to my blog at Skeptico.

I came here from Digg reading your photography post.. I think I've read most of your blog the past week or two and visit it daily. Keep up the good work / quality, it's appreciated.

As for your not having as much traffic as I do, you're doing pretty darned good for not posting nearly as often as I do.

Indeed -- as a reader of both this site and Respectful Insolence, I'd say that posting frequency is the only reason I visit the latter more regularly. Content-wise, I find both equally enjoyable.

To all the new readers

Thanks for your kind comments and I’m glad you like the blog. I only hope I can keep up the standard you’ve come to expect. Well, the volume probably won’t be as high as in the first year, but I’ll try to keep the quality high.

To Kristjan and Bronze Dog

Until this recent flurry around the blind man post, my most read posts were “What The Bleep” and “The Secret” – most people finding them through Google. The conclusion is that if you want traffic, write critical posts about popular New Age garbage. Of course, you’ll then “attract” (ha!) some of the most destructive and vitriolic commenters from around the world, but I guess nothing’s for free.

Sounds like a plausible way to do it Skeptico. My two most read posts is the one where I link Hovind with the tax protester movement, and the one where I tell the difference between percentage and percentage points. Fairly boring stuff.

I need to go look for controvercy....

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