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March 05, 2007


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I believe I saw this clip on The Daily Show of all things, but some scholarly type pointed out that the names on the tomb were very common in that area at that time.

Skeptico, you are wise to be skeptical.

At the risk of ultimately being labeled as being Moronic, may I point you to a comprehensive and scholarly rebuttal of the film’s evidence please visit ExtremeTheology.com.


As an archaeologist, I can safely say that it's unbelievably unimpressive. At the end of the program the filmmaker actually breaks into the sealed tomb and when the Israeli Antiquities Authority shows up to kick him out, he makes it seem like they're trying to hide something. As for the rest of the program, I'm surprised the filmmaker didn't hurt himself with all the leaps of logic he made. He used theology, archaeology, statistics, forensics, etc. when it suited his purposes, and discounted them when it didn't. As for the forged James ossuary, he insists that it's not a forgery at all -- despite having absolutely no background in archaeology, paleography, chemistry, and so on. The filmmaker insists he's not leading to any particular conclusion and is only posing questions, yet the dramatizations of Jesus' life in the film only point toward one possible interpretation.

I think it would be great if an archaeologist could find evidence disproving the events of Jesus' life, but this program is nothing but shoddy research sensationalized for an uncritical audience. His evidence is completely uncompelling.

OK smartarses, if it's all a fake how come they managed to use remains found there to sequence God's DNA?

That just proves God was intelligently designed.

Why is it that such "findings" always appear just before Easter?

I’m closing this post to comments. If you have any comments about this film, please see my updated post The Lost Tomb of Jesus (Not).

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