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March 02, 2007


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Giant Buddha save me! It's not just a bunch of strawmen, it's a freakin' straw carnival!

I'd submit this to FSTDT, but what part would I pick? The entire post is raw gold...

I'd submit this to FSTDT, but what part would I pick?

You'd have to send the blogger, bodily, to capture his full inanity. Holy Jebus.

Well you could always submit it to the guy at youaredumb.net... He's not specifically a skeptic in terms of his ranting (although I suspect he would classify himself as such) but he would have a blast with thayt if he isn't tired of bagging on creationists (they've been a busy group on his site lately).

For those of you who don't know the site, be prepared for his written potty mouth in case that sort of thing offends you or is not ok in your work place or some such. Assuming of course you decide to visit the site. He cracks me up anyway.

Oh boy. I see you found Nathan as well. I wrote about his yesterday and I'm still bleeding from my eyes from having to suffer his stupidity. Hands down the dumbest thing I've seen on a blog in the last few weeks.

I will never forgive you for encouraging me to read that.

What a load. "I think scientists are meanies. This list of (thorougly debunked) creationist claims is like comfort food for me."

My favorite part of his numbered list is #7. There are no computer simulations proving that God created the universe! Bam! I have just disproved religion, and he can't fault my logic.

Hell, I could disprove religion using the logic in every single one of these, if my aim was sarcasm rather than enlightenment. Which, of course it is. But I find it amusing that I could speed-discredit every point almost as fast as I read them.

What a moron !

Have you noticed that he quotes this Landers woman, and she mentions Newton and the "Theory of Gravity" ?

So it's OK so call gravity a theory but not OK to call evolution a theory ?

DOH !!

Wow, 50 comments to his post, and I don't think a single one of them was supportive. Is it possible the only readers of his blog are people who only read it because they find it amusing to mock him?

I made it through both excerpted quotes, but then I saw this:

As Ann Coulter points out

and I stopped reading immediately. Fuck that noise.

Worst. Creationist. Post. Ever.

Nah. I've seen a million of 'em. same old same old.

I loved the seven gaps part, it was so childish.
But he best has to be the sonoluminiscence bit:

"There are several documented and currently taught laboratory experiments that accurately portray the events in Genesis in sequential order, the most important being that of sonoluminescence," he wrote.
"Either you experience a universe of chaos or a universe of order and processes that produce immediate and calculable results," he wrote. "The results of my research support and prove that everything that exists was spoken into existence from waves to matter to mind."

So, I must conclude that God actually emitted a sound to create light…
so the Universe (before its creation) was filled with AIR or some other medium that was capable of transmitting sound waves so it could be converted into light…
so that light, because it is energy, and if u r not ignorant u KNOW that e=mc^2, meaning light can be transformed into MATTER…

end quote

So… it doesn’t matters that wave sounds need to have MATTER of somekind as a medium? Of course maybe he means other kind of waves… but surely not lightwaves since he is saying God needed to SPEAK to produce to sound to produce the light… wait… Am I repeating myself? Have I fell in a circular reasoning?

See even with pure old logic using the own statements from this loony u can take down his crazy allegations. I can’t even start to grasp what kind of education this guy has, but sure is minimal and whatever it included was wrong :p.

And add some delusion…

Most of you (those commenting) are idiots too it seems :) Oh well.

Wow, an ad hominem and no real argument. And he'd call us idiots.

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