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April 20, 2007


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How about "an attraction of Secretards"? Or, based on Blair Warren's suggestion in an earlier thread, an "extraction of Secretards"?

I'd also like to submit a "phlegm of Bleepers" (based on the dancing jell-o in the film) and a "D-pak of Chopraists."

I think "a manifested Radio-Flyer wagon of Secretards" works. Tom's "D-pak of Chopraists" had me laughing out loud - thanks for that!

An {alignment | conjunction} of astrologers.
An immersion of baptists.
A mass of catholics (but see also sceptics).
A treachery of conspiracy theorists.
A {big bang | genesis} of creationists.
A portent of doomsday prophets.
A hamper of fruitcakes.
A part of the grand design.
A {minute | over} dose of homeopaths.
A {visitation | transfusion} of Jehovah's witnesses.
An {array | matrix} of numerologists.
A {oneness | unity} of pantheists.
An {evasion | conspiracy} of politicians.
A handholding of mediums.
A {manifestation | corroboration} of scientists.
A {spurning | critical mass} of sceptics.
A sampling of statisticians.
A {} of telepathists.
A clutch of theists.
A {flood | deluge} of water diviners.

Love the 'whiff of aromatherapists' and the 'notion of telepaths' - and 'D-Pak of Chopraists' (got me again, Tom) & 'immersion of Baptists' rock.

From my top-10 peeves list, re: New Age thieves of the easiest and most poorly understood parts of Eastern philosophy/practice:

a co-option of Buddhists,
a Palm-Pilot of Yogis,
a convenience of Enlightened

A syringe of anti-vaxxers

Sorry, couldn't resist a couple more:

An abomination of cryptozoologists.
A con-du-it of necromancers.

A kool-aid packet of personality cultists
A rattle of snake worshippers
An e-coli of anti-GMers
A sweat-stain of Detoxers
A 'green serpent coiled west of a great city' of Nostradamasians
An arising of reincarnationists
A cheesecloth of kirlian photographers
A squigly of remote viewers

And the catch-all:
A denial of believers

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