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July 28, 2007


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Given the spurious method by which the cat chooses it's victims/predictions/whatever, maybe it should be The Grim Sleeper.


Perhaps the sick people have a panic attack and keel over when The Moggie of Doom chooses to pay them a visit...

I'm leaning towards confirmation bias, myself. My second guess is some scent-based signals.

Another theory is that the nurses and other hospice staff spend more time around the patients who are about to die, and the cat simply goes where the most people are.

Where I come from we lynch people for lesser crimes than that headline.

You guys have it all wrong! Dont worry, the news got it wrong too!

The cat is a homicidal maniac! I love how the nurses say "ohhhh cute kitty" right after it murders one of their patients.

In other news, hospice employees have noticed that air-filled syringes are disappearing from the stockroom. The only evidence found at the scene were some hairs and a few flakes of something that may have been catnip.

I wouldn't rule out the supercat theory prematurely.

Real scientific studies have shown that dogs have an ability to detect cancer and oncoming epileptic seizures with accuracies rivaling clinical tests.

Cats are harder to study scientifically because, well, they don't give a shit what the experimenters want them to do, but I doubt that cats have a greatly worse sense of smell or hearing (suspected in the some of abilities of dogs) than cats do.

Ohwilleke: Citations on these dog studies? (That's citations, pls, not Dail Mail reports on the research). It sounds interesting but highly improbable, so I'm afraid i'm not going to take your word for it...

The cat may be carrying a fatal disease it spends the last 2 to 4 hours of people life with them. How long is the incubation period of galloping cat lung?

Ask not for whom the cat purrs, it purrs for thee!!!

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