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September 15, 2007


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I wish the T-shirts just had a big A on them.

That would promote discussion.

Putting Richard dawkins names there ruins the design and prevents discussion in favor of pre-existing conclusions.

Yeah I agree. Every time I go to that site to buy a T shirt I just stop short of clicking "buy" because of that. Not that I have a problem with Dawkins - I don't at all. I just think it detracts from the simple statement "I'm an atheist" that wearing the T shirt would otherwise make.

after 12 years of research in astrology, I have all the astrological proof that Professor Richard Dawkins IS RIGHT: Astrologers know that they are deceiving their public. I challenge any astrologer in the world to identify the chart of Hitler from Mother Teresa's. Astrologers are scared of Science because they are scared to be exposed as liars.And why do they lie? because they are too lazy to search for the right calculations.I have searched for them and I have found them.When Pr.Dawkins sees my research, all astrologers will be out of work.

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