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September 24, 2007


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Of course there is a God. I asked to get to work on time today and, well shit, I'm here, on time AND the coffee was already made.

How can you argue with that?

One thing that annoys me is that thought like Warren's is deemed "deep" by much of the populace, and yet detailed skeptical analysis of stuff like Pascal's Wager is called "shallow."

I saw this article too, in real-live-print believe it or else.

I can see why the pastor's "logic" would be troubling to you, but it shouldn't be any sort of surprise.

Warren cannot enter into an honest debate about faith or lack thereof because it would cost him too greatly. The article indicates that he founded a church now supporting 25,000 members. That's like being the CEO of a major corporation (especially when you consider the weekly, tax-free donations of that large of a congregation).

Can you imagine Michael Dell or Steve Jobs saying "you know honestly, our products are all about the same, it doesn't matter what you buy"? Not likely. Warren isn't going to say anything that may diminish his standing or hurt his "company".

"...too dumb to see a third option: Jesus didn’t say the things the Bible claims he said."

Even if Jesus did say the things the Bible claims and he was wrong, it doesn't necessarily make him a liar either, just wrong.

(Also, this is assuming that Jesus even existed. So many other possibilities here!)

I not so sure about "post hoc ergo propter hoc boosted by confirmation bias" (sounds like a physician's Rx) He obviously employed The Secret/LOA. Everyone knows that's WAAAY more effective than (strike me down) sky fairies with beards. Duh!


"Pastor Rick wanted an immigration attorney, Pastor Rick met an immigration attorney, therefore God exists."

Obviously God was answering prayers that day. Too bad he didn't ask for world peace instead. Oh well, maybe next time.

I guess the word coincidence doesn't exist in his vocabulary...

It exists. But in his dictionary the definition is given as "Goddidit".

Would you hire an attorney who pitched to you while you were out for a walk? I know I wouldn't.

Personally, if I was looking for an immigration attorney, I'd probably start with the phone book, or some professional organisation or something...

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