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September 13, 2007


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Griffin “needs” to make an apology? She “needs” to? Really? Er, no she doesn’t. Not at all. She doesn’t “need” to do anything. You need her to, Donohue.

I take issue with the idea that anyone "needs" to apologize about anything. The whole point of an apology is that it's supposed to be heartfelt and sincere; when it's compulsory, it's neither. If you want to demonstrate that you feel remorse for your actions or that you have actually undergone some serious change, then you may decide you "need" to apologize, but no one else can make that decision for you.

Excellent post, Skeptico, and from a different angle than most would take. Indeed, Donohue's faith can't withstand attacks, even ones as silly and content-empty as Griffin's.

Although I think it's "Kathy."

You're right, it is Kathy. Changed it now. Thanks - somehow I thought it looked wrong when I wrote it.

Jesus told me he thought it was funny.

It's interesting how, historically and philosophically speaking, Catholicism and Fascism make such ideal bedfellows. Both are schools of intolerance, intransigence and absolutism. And with a history of bigotry and violence.
And it matters fuck all that 85% of Americans believe in the Judeo-Christian god. They are still deluded. When push comes to shove many of them are so insecure they would probably kill for it, which puts them on the same level as some of their Middle East Islamic counterparts. None of which is to say there aren't nice, humane religious people. There are. But they're still deluded.

Hello Skeptico

I liked the post all the way down until the last sentence where you have a go at, ehh, Jesus.

While disagreement can make people think over stuff, i feel disrespect can often have the opposite effect. I suspect this blog (probably because the remaining 95% of all skeptic-blog writers are morons) has more than an average share of "fence-sitting" readers, and i think your usual lack of nonsense like this makes it more tolerable reading for this group.

Keep up the good work.

Dear Martin,

Clearly, you have not drilled through to the true comedy behind the statement, "suck it, Jesus!" You see, it's funny because it's just like saying, "suck it, Sauron," or, "suck it, Voldemort!" It's funny because insulting imaginary people is pointless, and Kathy knows it. When she says, "suck it, Jesus," she is poking fun at herself, not any religious believers.

It's just like those YouTube videos for the 'Blasphemy Challenge' in which the Holy Ghost deniers shout out, "see you in Hell!" HA, HA, HA,-no they won't.

I think she tell Donohue to suck it as well!

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