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October 11, 2007


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Dr. Chopra NY Paranormal Challenge Accpeted! Agrees to Record the Event

Hello All

There are some interesting new developments after Dr. Deepak Chopra, a famous spiritual guru and a guru of alternate medicine, made a challenge to a critic on his website:

My Last Message to Skeptsich


"I have always maintained there is no such thing as supernatural or paranormal. All observed phenomena, if accurate, are natural and normal. We call something supernatural or paranormal when we can't explain it. Once we know the

explanation, its science. Before that it’s spooky. Everything I write about can be understood if you understand non locality and non local correlation and the inseparability of mind and matter as different expressions of consciousness. Let's not waste any more time on spoon bending. For millions of people it’s now a trivial example of mind and matter as inseparably one.

Love and God bless!

PS: Dear Skeptisch, please come to NY at your own expense and I will make sure you can experience spoon bending for yourself. If you can't, or don't want to do that, then stop talking over and over again about the same thing. It’s boring."


"Skeptisch", a Canadian resident, accepted his challenge and supporters of SKeptisch warned Chopra that they will bring Cameras and neutral observers and might invite Randi and the media. After more than 400 comments in that post and further 400 in another thread Open Thread at his website , to his credit he accepted to prove his claims:

October 16, 2007


"Over the last several weeks, I have been traveling in Asia and Europe and have not had time to look at all the comments (although, I have been diligently posting my blog at least twice a week). Mallika informs me that there is a lot of anger and discontent at the fact that I have not responded to Skeptisch and his challenge. Please rest assured that I will personally correspond with Skeptisch through Mallika and make arrangements to meet him in New York. We will meet at a mutually convenient time. He is free to bring any neutral observers with him as will I. (Skeptisch will pay for his own travel and accommodations and for any colleagues he wishes to bring, as will I.) We will all observe the same phenomena and then come up with our own interpretations. We will video the whole experience and invite all witnesses to comment on the video, including of course, Skeptisch. We will be sure to post the video on the blog. I promise to do my best to address all of Skeptisch's concerns."

Let's hope the Skeptics from NY and Media will make a coverage of this event and debunk Deepak Chopra once and for all and spread awareness among the gullible. Chopra might have as well dug his own grave.

Please spread the word, to New York Skeptic Associations and Friends who might want to join in, to watch the spectacle and record the event.


Does Randi know about this? I'm sure he'd be interested.

Skeptico... he does and he is interested. He was waiting so long for his Sylvia. Unless DC backs off, it should be exciting.

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