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October 10, 2007


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Couple of points
You are very general about referring to vaccinations, only in the headline do you refer to getting your flu shot.
For more than 20 years flu shots were reserved for those with impaired immune systems and the elderly for 2 reasons: one, flu could kill them; two, the flu shot was a best guess combination of a few of the many current viruses. If you are young and strong getting the flu would only confer lifelong immunity on you. If it was the wrong choice of viruses the vaccine wouldn't even give you immunity for the one season it was supposed to. This was the stance of the CID until the pharma companies got a little to close in.

"If you are young and strong getting the flu would only confer lifelong immunity on you."
I've had several doses of flu over the last five decades, each one worse than the last. I'm now of an age and state of health where another dose could put me into the local ICU.
I'm getting my flu jab.

Do I sense evolution denial as well? Germs evolve. The flu is no exception.

kevin minney:

You didn't even read the article. Did you?

My SIL's SIL is one of those crazy whole earth anti-vaccintaion types. She decided not to immunize her kids against chicken pox and, surprise of surprises, they all came down with it. They had fairly mild cases.

Her husband, who'd apparently managed to avoid it as a child, was not so lucky. Miserable as hell, and missed ten days of work. But at least he didn't die of respiratory distress like some adults do.

Vacination is not only about protecting yourself from disease, but about protecting society at large (and especially the weak and immunocompromised) through herd immunity. The anti-vaccinationists are not only stupid and selfish, but downright dangerous.

While it is no argument not to get a flu shot, the hygene hypothesis in its current form is still good science.

Among the most interesting recent findings is that the same germ that causes stomach ulcers, when absent, is a risk factor for asthma. Antibiotics have killed off this germ in a much larger share of people and this may explain rising athsma.

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