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October 13, 2007


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Arrrgh!!! What happened to the truth?

"Arrrgh!!! What happened to the truth?"

Apparently it's no match for British libel law. Thanks for posting this here Skeptico. How ironic that I (and most likely many, many more) would've never read that post had the SoH not taken these thuggish measures. It *almost* makes me glad they did.

Hey - I just put this up on my site as well - but I wish you'd read the the post just before it too:

I warned them.

Man! I'd join you in this endeavour if I didn't already know that AOL would pull the post in a heartbeat if asked to by just about anyone. I've already had two of my posts erased from existence by AOL with no warning and no explanation. One of them was about Homeopathy in general, and a local homeopath in specific. When that homeopath complained to AOL, boom, I got up the next morning, and it was like that blog entry had never existed. Luckily, I was in time to save Google's cached version of it, and it lies in wait for some future opportunity to post it elsewhere.

Paul, you really need to ditch AOL.

Yeah. I already have a blogger home. I'm just too lazy to do the work to set it up properly and make the move. I'm contemplating moving just my skeptical posts there, and maintaining my AOL journal for personal blogging. I also have to move all of my images. AOL's hometown has been stupid recently restricting bandwidth. Almost every day I see little red 'x' icons where my pictures should be.

Well, if I can't help mirror, I can at least hold a candle in the dark. Consider yourself linked to.

Boy lady, did you pick the wrong site to spam with your detestable, harmful, baseless quackery.

This website will tell you guide How to Cure HIV by Magneto Homeopathy and Holistic Treatment.
Really? And how do those things work to cure HIV? What exactly do those things do? What studies have you conducted to demonstrate this momentous claim? Where have you published, and how long will it take for your treatment to be vetted by safety testing and experimental review?

The website you provide is as incoherent as it is loathsome. "No side effects"? Which is code for "no effects whatsoever." And over $1000 for the whole useless, unproven treatment package. Squeezing money from the dying? Have you no shame? No sense of decency? No, you have to go fleece the terminally ill out of their remaining money and hope for your bullshit "treatment" of refrigerator magnets, useless herbs, and tap water. You are a sick, sad, terrible excuse for a human being.

You can verify the guide by downloading that for free.
No, you can't. You can verify that they make these claims by downloading it for free, but that says absolutely nothing about whether or not the claims are true.
I dreamt of a HIV free world after reading this guide.
And that's all it would be if we entrusted the future to homeopathic quacks--a dream.
God bless you all-
Oh, the irony. You know what? Fuck your God, because any God who would both allow the existence of HIV and the existence of worthless, shameless money-grubbing dung-smears like you and these Singaporean quacks doesn't deserve to be worshipped.

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