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November 08, 2007


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Hi - thanks for the link, and the interesting submission :D

BTW i am a psychology major -> PhD in research psychology with an emphasis on statistical study and social interactions.

I try to find out why everyone does everything they do, and fit it into a graph, and then use that to try and "diagnose" other people based on my own independent research (coupled with copious amounts of reading what others have discovered before me, of course.)

My favorite psychological phrase to use when talking to someone is "well you know what Freud would say about that, right?"

So there's my introduction, so you guys know where i come from. I dabbled as an english major for a while, and also philosophy (because of the close ties to english and its relative ease as a major in undergrad studies)

Other skills i have:
Music Composer (aka i suck at playing instruments but still write music)
Noob programmer (but i still like writing things that are useful to me and learning new programming languages)
And: amateur arithmetician. I've yet to take an honest to god calculus class, but i can follow along in a discussion about calculus and pure maths without feeling really stupid.

I know you all care a lot - as well you should - but i wanted to introduce myself to my new daily reading friends. :-)

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