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November 26, 2007


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Great post as usual, Skeptico. But now I really want to see a show about an actual psychic detective. "Psych" is great and all, but the fake psychic abilities are just a cover for the real observational skills. I want to see a TV "psychic detective" who goes around trying to use cold reading techniques to solve crimes and fails miserably. It could be a great farcical comedy, with our intrepid insipid hero playing the fool to real detectives, forced to tolerate him due to a woo-believing commissioner. And the cases would all eventually get solved, with no help from the "psychic," but he'd spin it to his benefit anyway.

In other words, it'd be kind of like a live-action police procedural "Inspector Gadget." Or something. I think it'd be fun.

"MACLAINE: I'll tell you what it means mostly to me. You don't kill when you kill somebody. The mind dies. The body dies. War is stupid, because nobody gets killed. The souls get all screwed up and karma is incurred. So war is stupid."

I agree with MacLaine that war is stupid. But unlike her who apparently think its stupid because nobody gets killed, I find it stupid because they DO get killed.

You know, that's a great concept, Tom Foss, I would totally watch it.
You should write a pilot.

If we work together, we can come to an answer, but if we're going to spend all our time attacking each other, we're not going to get ahead

Don't we keep offering to test their abilities? I believe it's them that aren't prepared to work with us.

professional twit Jason Hawes (an investigator on the Sci-Fi program "Ghost Hunters", who believes for no rational reason I can think of that EMF signals are ghosts

Oh,that's not all he believes in. I was particularly impressed with this article he wrote about how he believes that a percentage of those diagnosed as mentally ill are actually possessed or "becoming sensitive". This is a man who pats himself on the back for being skeptical.

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