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December 27, 2007


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why do crazy people exist? They make me angry and very grumpy, lol

Perhaps we can't attribute the blame solely to ignorant individuals, probably victims of religious brain-washing and poor science education. Not to mention victims of recent political leadership (at least in my country, Australia), which has played a major role in popularising stupidity. Experts on ,for example, climate change are portrayed as loony, doomsday tree-huggers. In numerous other areas, including national intelligence, experts have been ignored so that evidence can be compiled for a case that suits the government's political agenda. People who through their expertise are qualified to comment on government policy are dismissed as elitist, being therefore disqualified to speak because of their expertise. Is it any wonder that there is a public distrust of scientists and other experts?

I apologize for posting this question here, but I did not see any other more appropriate place. I am very much enjoying this site and all the comments, but have a simple question. Does "woo woo" have a specific meaning or origin? I eventually figured out that it refers to the pseudo-science, mystical, psycho-babble that seems to be the antithesis of scientific inquiry, but where exactly does the phrase come from? Thanks.

There's some dispute on the origin. I like the theramin one.

Mostly a good list, but he forgot a top 10 pile of manure: 9/11 Truthers

Mike, last year's list included Alex Jones at #40:

40. Alex Jones

Charges: A blustery schizoid moron who makes everyone near him look like an ass just for not punching him when they have the chance. False prophet of the lunatic fringe's lunatic fringe, Jones has crafted a paranoid alternate reality incorporating every cockamamie conspiracy ever conceived, from the "murder" of Princess Di to "Atlantis was an inside job." It's all done by the Freemasons or the Bilderbergers, or something like that; politicians and world leaders who meet and perform secret satanic rituals, as if that would be worse than the things they really do in the light of day. Question authority, kids, but question raving maniacs too. We wouldn't be surprised if Jones actually works for the Feds as an agent provocateur to make the left look stupid. Lord knows it worked on those "Loose Change" douchebags.

Exhibit A: The ultimate proof that Jones is full of shit is that he's still alive.

Sentence: Abducted via black helicopter and detained indefinitely in secret FEMA internment camp where men in black ski masks insert microchips into his brain, just as he secretly wishes.

Thanks for this post - what a great list!


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