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December 05, 2007


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It really doesn't surprise me, your blog consistently gives a clear analysis of the subjects it covers. Many times I will read the source, think it is acceptable then find myself nodding as you pick it apart and show the logical ploys and misdirections used.

Its too bad critical thinking isn't a required course in school.

That's odd. Nowhere on that list do I see Pharyngula.

Although I love your blog (it was one of my inspirations), I have to day that I have my doubts about this list.

That was my thought too. PZ writes much more than I do about atheism, and he has many more readers and links. Initially he was about #55, but he seems to have dropped off completely.

Two things, Logic and rhetoric classes need to be taught in pre college level education, i'll agree. you'll never see it, but it should be there.

Secondly, this is a plea:
I just finished composing a song, and i want public domain skeptical speech hooks. I don't mind mining video or mp3 or whatever for the speech hooks, or even using an entire clip... but it has to be in the public domain (or easy to get permission to use). Anyone have any favorites?

The song is about 3:15 long, and there's a pause for effect (and emphasis) at 56 seconds in. Any ideas? :-D

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