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January 22, 2008


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Should we be reproducing these posts on our own blogs (obviously with attribution), or would that be frowned upon? I just want to know how to help.

In answer to your question, yes swapping hosting provider is the only sensible response now. Moving the blog will be easy; moving the 'quackometer' is going to be a challenge as the new provider is all open source and it is currently running on asp. many late nights and new languages to learn - I am not a computer geek! Or not too much of one, anyway.

So, thanks for the support. Let's see what fun transpires.

An in answer to Cain, feel free to do what you like...

Nice one Skeptico. I noticed that Shpalman had links to a few blog posts and mirrored pages on his site.

My apologies if I'm in wrong place but just recently a quack sold my folks hundreds of dollars worth of pills with claims that would put the holy water of Lourdes to shame - including a cure for cancer (his pills "reverse" cell changes). He also has many letters after his name from "universities" that specialise in stuff like "universal interconnectedness". He also calls himself a "Sir", and even has pictures of himself being knighted (not by anyone who looks like the Her Parasite). His pamphlet with its pseudo-scientific language kept our family entertained for hours. Stuff like, "Wheat grass has the same chemistry as human blood" and "The only difference between a cancer cell and a healthy cell is oxygen" (which, naturally, can only be obtained in sufficient amounts from his red and green pills). The thing is - how can I get his ideas examined? I'm not a scientist so I can't do the kind of evaluation of his claims that you guys can do. Where can I start a conversation about him, do you think?

the FDA, debbyo?

I'm not really sure what sort of regulatory measures are enforced when someone manufactures "pills" that do something. it might be an interesting read to find out...

I do know that the FDA used to investigate such quackery, and possibly still do. if you check out white coat underground, he talks about it a bit in there :-)

You guys seem to be over my head about all these quackology discussion, Can somebody tell me what is going on?

Just a clarification, Dr Obi is not a member of the International Stress Managment Association as he claims. The International Stress Mangement Association is the leading body for Qualified Stress Managers has a high reputation working closely with the UK Health and Safety Executive. You cannot buy membership on line but you can download the membership application pack. Any applicant has to prove genuine qualifications in an appropriate field and all applicants are carefully screened. Once accepted they have to abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics. As a charity it is the organiser of National Stress Awareness Days both here in the UK and in other parts of the world. You can find out more about them at www.isma.org.uk.

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