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February 18, 2008


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External links don't load any slower than internal links. The TypePad page says that bits of your site that require contact with an external site may load more slowly, which is true. The only things I see in your right column that fit that description are the A image and the Site Meter image. The rest of the links don't contact other sites.

It did seem to load more quickly, but that's just anecdotal, of course. In this particular instance I won't call for a controlled study, though - I kind of prefer the external links on the right anyway.

It loaded very fast on my machine but I am not sure if it is quicker or not. I like the arrangement though.

One concern: your AdSense box is way down in the bottom which might be a problem if you are looking to make something out of it. You could perhaps move it at the bottom of the left column -which is more likely to be seen there in a longer post or one with comments.

We need to perform a double-blind study to find out whether it actually loads quicker or
it is just the placebo effect.

Hey there, long time reader, first time poster.

Basically the information you read on that site is outdated. The information on their site *used* to be the case, and still is for any site that uses tables to structure it's layout. Most people have moved on to CSS and divs to do the layout, and I checked your source code to make sure.

You don't use tables, so the information you read doesn't apply to you, and everything will appear as fast as it can, the sidebar will still partially load if the transmission is cut, whereas a table layout wouldn't.

Ir did load a lot faster than before, that's for sure. I think it was a good change anyway.

Since this comment will be moderated (presumably) I 'spose I can ask this:)

I've had an idea bouncing around in my head for some time, and I need to bounce it off someone intimately equated with modern woo. Since I see no contact page (I may be going slightly blind, though:-P) I thought it best to post a comment and ask you to email me. Since TypePad (presumably) gives you access to my email address, this shouldn't be too difficult. Heh. That's about it! Thanks!

Ah! And it wasn't moderated! Hoorah;)


My email link is towards the bottom of the left hand column.

Or you could post it in the comments and bounce it off lots of people who are intimately acquainted with woo. I'm curious as to what your idea is.

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