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February 01, 2008


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Congratulations on your third year. Hopefully you'll get more and more readers, rival Maddox in readership, write a book, and have fat piles of cash to sleep on. I hear it's a good life. If i ever see you in a commercial for "head on, apply directly to the forehead"; i'll know the apocalypse has started.


Absolutely brilliant! I love the Secretard section. Any thoughts on the "war" being waged by Anonymous on Scientology? Ostenbsibly prompted by the removal of the Tom Cruise video and C&D order Chilling Effects

I was hoping I could add something to the list, but this is the best I could come up with:

Cupo: This peer-reviewed study of twelve roads shows that there's a difference on the MRI between chickens crossing and turkeys crossing, corresponding to potholes in the road, so chicken crossing really is able to repair the asphalt. Jackass.

Angela Flynn: The chicken crossed the road to get away from dangerous cell phone towers!

Kat (remember her?): The chicken? You can't PROVE that the chicken crossed the road, just like Joe Vitale can't PROVE that it didn't, so you're on equal ground. Stop arguing with me! I'm gonna make my own skeptic website that makes fun of you, and you can't comment there, so nyah!

Man, going through these "The Secret" threads is a blast from the past. One more:
Mora: the chicken...deserved to be made...into nuggets...because maybe in...a past life...it was a bad chicken...also, god.

Congrats on the third year, Skeptico. Here's to another year of woo-battling!

Lol i just noticed the John Best one. hahaha. Bravo all around!
i want one, next year! :-D

Christian fundamentalist - "That chicken better have crossed the road with a rooster, or it will burn in hell forever" (sorry, you might have covered fundies, I only know the ones on my country).

Astrologist (Chinese)- "It crossed the road because it was the Year of the Cock".

Cristiane Northrup (skeptico, she's the current menopause guru, please do her soon)- "She crossed the road because she was guided by her female wisdom, plus the pull of the moon".

Also, congratulations on your terrific site. I read it daily.

Sorry, the spelling should be Christiane Northrup.

Dana Ullman - Those chickens that didn't cross the road weren't chickens.

Congratulations on your third year of blogging! Here's looking forward to the fourth.

Only some chickens cross roads. They are the chickens who already know what is on the other side. The rest are too chicken to cross over.

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