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March 21, 2008


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Awww the poor liddle Id'ists. Looks like the failure at the courts has spurred them to seek other avenues of attack. Now its time to try the old minnow versus the hulking ogres of Evolution angle. Clowns.

What has to be remembered is that efforts like this are not meant to argue their position but to bolster their own supporters. The one fatal condition for one of the Believers is doubt, once that gets a toehold, it's just a mater of time before the whole edifice of faith crumbles.

It takes constant reinforcement to keep doubt at bay unless you have a very disciplined mind, or conversely you are a simpleton. This stupid piece of work is for those in the middle, the ones that need refreshers on a regular basis or they start to wander into the forbidden realms of logic.

To further this objective it is also necessary to neutralize the critics, which is why the tactic making scientists look like they are hiding something was used. Undermine them and you have neatly introduced FUD into their position, it's not even necessary to make any sense.

The sheep that buy into this do so anyway because their faith is weak. If you truly believe as they claim they do, needing proof is not only unnecessary, but borders on heretical.

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