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March 11, 2008


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I'd be more worried about DHMO--dihydrogen monoxide. It's a substance that is found everything from pesticides to cancerous cells, and yet there are large quantities of it in our drinking water!

Also, isn't the solution to the problem of homeopathic drugs in the water obvious? Just dump huge quantities of undiluted drugs into the water until the potency goes down to a more reasonable level.


Nice one.

Would be better if Quackometer was spelled correctly though ;)

Ha ha, that's brilliant - I laughed out loud and now the whole office thinks I'm weird...

Mongrel: Thanks - spelling corrected.

This made me laugh out loud.

Wouldn't the aeration of water-treatment count as succussion, anyway?

It would be nice if you spelled Dr. Novella's name correctly, too.

Funny one!

Heheh, I like that take on Steve's name: "Stephan Nouvelle"

Howza bout the rest of the SGU rogues? Rebekah Winston, Even Barnstorm...

I just had an idea: Homeopathic warfare. Just pour some antidote into rapids upstream from a water treatment center.

How does the homoepathic medicine know that the guy shaking the bottle is qualified or not ?
Smart water indeed, reading the above article the obvious question is why have not Osama and his crazy buddies bought into this idea, you can kill an entire city simply by believing that you've put poison into the water supply without actually doing it.
These guys have shown they can believe anything so this should be no problem for them.

Fantastic. I studied water chemistry in grad school a few eons ago when we were first discovering trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in water. This new 'threat' should keep environmental chemists employed for a long time!

I'm picturing the spooks at the U.S. Gestapo planning covert attacks on terrorists by putting zero molecules of remedies in drinking water in places with high concentrations of terrorists.

Vut homeopathic water has never any adverse effects or side effects, so it would be perfectly safe, diluted or not, shaken or stirred.

If worse come to be, it would cure people unbeknownst to them, and without a tithe to the succussers.

All the while, it will taste just like tap water.

Cracking post. If homeopathy were true we would all now be full of incredibly potent drugs. But wait. There's something else... the memory of faeces: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2008/feb/06/uk.politicalcolumnists>this from Simon Hoggart in the Guardian and http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200708/cmhansrd/cm080205/debtext/80205-0002.htm#08020538000086>this from Hansard. Not as dangerous as all those homeopathic pharmaceuticals (oxymoron?) in our water supply - but quite a disgusting thought all the same.

For some more cool information about this 'scare' check out our episode of Skepticality that comes out this Monday evening. We do an interview with the man who actually DID the study that this news story came out of. He clears up just what all this hub-hub is REALLY about. :)

You can also check out our interview with Dr. Shane Snyder of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, who was quoted in the AP story on pharma and other substances in the water supply. The story is alarmist and leaves out a lot of stuff.

You know, you really shouldn't tell people that homeopathy doesn't work. Unlike homeopathy, placebos have real, empirically proven effects, and you're just going to ruin all that by letting no molecules of cat out of the bag.

I think maybe James Bond was a closet homeopath. He always wanted his martinis shaken-not-stirred. :)

Unless you're watching You Only Live Twice, in which, according to the great and glorious Wikipedia, Bond orders his martini stirred, not shaken.

Begone, evil spam! Leave this place and never return! So sayeth the Ferret King!

No, Bond is just a wuss who can't hold his liquor. Either that or he's worried about the old brewer's droop affecting his horizontal steeplechase performance. Night after night after night.

Diluted-drink-swilling weenie... that is, lucky diluted-drink-swilling weenie.

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