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May 30, 2008


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Given the state of special effects these days (or, you know, the fact that fake rubber aliens have existed for decades), it amazes me that people still claim that video can prove jack.

Video and photographic evidence is just a shade less useless than eyewitness testimony. It is far from the extraordinary evidence required to demonstrate the existence of space aliens.

Got a body? Got some alien tech? Got a magical crystal skull that scares fire ants and king-fu Amazonian natives alike? Great.

Got video? Pull the other one.

Its worse than that. The so called 'proof' is filmed in infrared.

Infrared. You know, so as to get a crystal clear picture that everyone can relate to.

Rock and roll! I wonder if they're like the Greys or the Reptoids.

Maybe the film will be really grainy, for that extra bit of verisimilitude.

Keep us posted. I'd hate to miss this breaking story. Because we all know that the Main Stream Media is conspiring with the Stonecutters to keep the Martians under wraps.

I hope Joaquin Phoenix isn't at the press conference, cause he'd freak when the alien pops up.

Maybe it was a male alien looking for an earth female or was trying to study mating habits of humans.

Proven today ot not ...There are many Regional Celestials of many different sect … each traveling of their own Designed FLOATS … Flyers Levitating Of Advanced Technology …. The only Alien-Celestial are those that travel from abroad through distance dark space who are unrelated to the many sect already associated with this planet ….

But there are indeed the countless Extra-Celestials who hold residence up and outside this Seventh Universal Plane of endless darkness ….

Regional Celestials have been secretly apart of this planet’s activities since early surface evolution … And now because of failing power Facilities of their unorthodox advanced technology, many things hidden will at first gradually come into view as they struggle uselessly to reestablish their cloaking abilities … and many things once elevated in secrecy by their unorthodox power facility, Will fall from place … the effects of this spill-over has been referred to as the opening of seven seals ….

I am just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say …

I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in these matters in this new UFO era that now approaches …Nothing to sell … Nothing to Buy … just answers to the many WHYs?.
[email protected]

I'm pretty sure I read all that in a Jack Kirby comic. But with more exclamation points.

Uhh... what the hell is an "extra celestial" and why do you idiots tend to use so many ellipses?

She doen't have an Old Soul. It's just very mature for it's age. (Sorta)


More likely, it's a soul that's been out in the sun too long.

I really hate the ellipses crazed woos. It's getting as bad as people turning in 133t speak papers for English and that one eternally growing peeve I have with "looser" to mean a not-winner.

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