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December 01, 2008


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Thats the kind of post that I really enjoy reading. Thanks Skeptico! Its posts like these that got me here in the first place (Pretty Soon was the first post I read).

The one-time God of the universe eventually became the God of the gaps and now finds himself relegated to microbial crevices awaiting the next eviction order.

Good post! One random point though, in greek mythology it was Helios who drove the sun chariot

TechSkeptic: Thanks. Every now and then I get an idea.

Ramel: You may be right. There appears to be some confusion between Apollo and Helios, depending on where you look. Oh well.

btw, the picture I reproduced was of the Trundholm sun chariot - a Norse God. So anyway, it seems several Gods were shuffling the Sun around in the old days.

A quick bit of reading suggests Helios was the original sun god, but in the later years the preists of Appollo made a power grab and claimed extra powers for their patron. So we're both sort of right, but to be honest if the credulous idiots can't keep their stories straight there really is no reason for us to care.

Oooh, I thought that horsie looked like Norse art! :) I like the Norse myth wherein there were two Jotunns who took on the shape of RAVENOUS WOLVES who were constantly CHASING the sun and the moon across the sky trying to EAT them!!!!!!!

Norse myths-- EXTREEEEEEME! :D

I'd like to see the ID people develop a different line and claim that God is the one who makes certain animals go extinct, because they have sinned.

Also, I'm happy to see the Norse myths get a mention. I'm still waiting for some New Ager to channel Thor - I'd go along to see it.

God isn't only shrinking (or learning to squeeze into tight corners), he is also becoming more and more bland. He's gone from a gutsy meat and veg buttkicker to being a wimpy Divine Oneness one-size-fits-all insipid new age bootlicker.

I believe Apollo ran the weekend shifts, I could be wrong. Brilliant post, Skeptico.

I love this piece!
Like I always say, "Religion..so easy a caveman can do it"

Francis Collins in his book "The Language of God" suggests to his fellow believers to avoid the "god of the gap" arguments because the gaps were likely to be filled. Later in the book he displayed an incredible inconsistency in his logic: He said that he could not understand how the Big Bang could have happened, so that a god was necessary. His gap is the Big Bang. The very beginning.

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