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November 10, 2008


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You're probably right. Hopefully. Maybe we should ask a psychic about it :)

Just as folks lamented over Bush's acceptance of creationist viewpoints, we will have the Obama's team support for "relativist" science in the medical field. Both camps have huge weaknesses in real science based decision making.

RFK would be a DISASTER for EPA.

"we will have the Obama's team support for "relativist" science in the medical field"

So in other words, you're making things up based on unfounded rumors. Good show!

"anti-vaccine crank with so little understanding of science"

Skeptico, you are not a scientist! You are the “crank with so little understanding of science.” Where is your research? Lab or naturalistic? Qualitative or quantitative? What articles have you published? Or are you talking about the “everyday easy chair scientist” that Richard Dawkins speaks so adamantly about? Without performing any research, like Skeptico, it is easy to read articles by scientists and become a defender of a faith. For example, Gore, who is not a scientist, but won a noble prize for doing absolutely nothing. Next is Kennedy, he is a defender of the anti- vaccination church. He is not a scientist, like you, Skeptico. He reminds me a lot of you. Skeptico, the Sunday afternoon scientist.

John Bates, don’t be silly. I didn’t criticize RFK for not being a scientist. I criticized him for first forming his opinions and then forcing the evidence to match his previously made up position. That is, I criticized him for not understanding the process of science, and being anti-science. And I wrote about this in detail in (once again) Lies, damn lies, and quote mining. Now, if you want to say what I got wrong in that article, go ahead. Give it a try. Until you do, your comment is just so much posturing.

You don't have to be a scientist to understand science and criticize people who are harmful due to ignoring it or misunderstanding it.

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