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December 27, 2008


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The Daily Express is an appalling newspaper, it's not worthy of the name newspaper. They have absolutely no shame and will print any old shit get a headline that they know will sell papers. Unfortunately name Madeleine McCann, just like Diana will shift copies because there are enough idiots here in the UK who lap it up.

Good luck with getting any substantive information from the Express but I doubt you will do.

News just in - Pope still Catholic!!!

Seriously, we're talking about the Daily Express here, finding out that yet another of their articles is bollocks is no suprise.

What you should do is contact a reporter at a rival newspaper, or the headline grabbing investigative reporter at tv station in the same area as the paper. Perhaps they would think the conduct of the first reporter was newsworthy.

We've "enjoyed" similar success in Western Australia where "psychics" sold tickets ($135 a head) for two sellout shows in which they supposedly identified the Claremont Serial Killer. Almost three months later, no news from police on any breakthroughs or solutions.

I guess we should be thankful Australia's "best" psychics were on the job. Imagine the shambles if our worst psychics were to try and play detective!?!

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