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January 05, 2009


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That takes a considerable amount of determined hate

It still continues to blow my mind how day after day these people can spout the obvious falsehood "It's not about bigotry; it's about the definition of marriage." They strut about from media outlet to media outlet claiming that they aren't homophobic, they don't hate gay people, they aren't bigots...They want to deny a basic human right to an entire group of people because of problematic semantics.

It's a clear crock, and it's the anti-gay movement's equivalent of "teach the controversy." The original tactic has lost currency, so they made it softer and less polarizing. They're not anti-gay; they're just "pro-marriage." It's the definition they worry about; gay people only enter into it tangentially.

What bugs me the most is that nobody ever calls them out on this. Mike Huckabee vomited this one up on The Daily Show a few weeks ago and Jon Stewart didn't say "No, you are a bigot. Just admit it." If somebody said "I'm not a bigot, I just think blacks should only legally be allowed to marry other blacks," the reaction would be "No, you're a damned racist." I think people need to jump on these anti-gay bigots when they play the "I'm not a bigot, but..." card. That qualifier is highly correlated with bigoted following statements.

I think you should add a schools category, two I can think of for this years nominations could be the Terry Fox Elementary school (psychic reported sexual abuse of autistic child, school board still claims they did nothing wrong) and Mount Vernon middle school (teacher branding crosses in students, board knew of teaching creationism but didn't care)

I think you should add a schools category

I second that.

And I third it.

Absolutely fourthed.


I am still appalled at proposition 8, so much so that I have finally officially resigned from the mormon church (even though I stopped going 13 years ago and spent the last 2 years openly atheist)

you can see a chronicle of this process on my blog (which is still in process)


You mention, in the About this blog section,

"The important question is not, who am I? The important question is, why should you believe me? And the answer is, you shouldn’t. Not automatically. You should read my posts, see if they make sense and are logical."

Now after looking through this blog and noting the humongous quanities of Woo - using the most glaringly poor reasoning - it contains, it is clear to me that you should have stopped after the words, "you shouldn't".


Except that, yknow, if you actually know anything about what he's talking about, he's usually right.


I think the Bard said this one best:

"A Good riddance."

LOL! not one single friggin example. you'd think that if there was truly humongous quantities of glaringly poor reasoning, that a specific example shouldn't be hard to find.

Funny how woo's, for all their higher sensibilities, are incapable of identifying that they feel hurt when someone contradicts a dearly held belief.

Instead, they try to spit out some kind of insult and then scurry off. Zero out of ten for logic, and minus one for self-awareness.

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