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June 04, 2009


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The ideas have been diluted for greater potency, of course!

Also telling is that the only thing under "The Science of Homeopathy" is where to buy some books. Can't be giving that science stuff away for free...

This reminds me of ICR's webpage on scientific evidence on creationism. As we all know, there is no such evidence and their website admitted it.

This is where "truth in advertising" laws lead us.

For an additional laugh check out the also blank "Research on Homeopathy"


After the conviction of a homeopath in Australia for the manslaughter through gross negligence of his baby daughter, you would expect a profession with ethics to come out and strongly condemn his actions. Instead the only responses I could find were even less than the empty pages mentioned here - that is, all they have done is removed mention of him from their sites.

This site
had previously linked to a newsstory
claiming he "taught students to send seriously ill or worsening patients to conventional doctors" and then after the conviction removed it.
And then removed the story altogether after the conviction. (The original page is still cached by google.)

And then this site comes up with "page not found", but the original page is also in the cache.

Very interesting - it's his promotional page on a register of homeopaths. Not much there about sending seriously ill patients off to proper doctors, but plenty of philosophising of the kind that would lead directly to exactly this kind of scenario if it was taken seriously.

I would also like to point out that a quick search of the webpage provides no place to login!

That is pretty funny (the fake security notice). Looking at the page's code reveals the plain text insertion (line 781). But, what's funnier about this page's code is that the header contains over 15,000 words - just about any term related to every illness one could ever imagine.

Do'C, or anyone,

How do I get to see that? Sounds very interesting indeed, and I'm barely semi-literate with all that fancy code stuff.


I think you can just go to the view menu and look for "view source" or something like that. There you will see all the code that makes up the page.

there are metatags that do not show up in the page, but are there nonetheless, presumably because webcrawlers will pick up these as search keywords.

Thanks, Tech.

What a great tool. I'll have some fun with that.

About 15 000 was no exaggeration. What they've done is copied and pasted several alphabetical lists of diseases - here is one of them - in toto.

Of course they are not necessarily claiming homeopathy will cure all those things, but it shows very clearly how broadly applicable they are prepared to claim homeopathy is. People might land on their site if they are looking for information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fetal Diseases, Fetal Growth Retardation, Typhoid Fever, DNA Virus Infections, Domestic Violence, Sudden Infant Death, Encephalitis, Cancer, Cancer of Ovary, Cancer of Penis, Cancer of Rectum, Quadriplegic Infantile Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia....

And they feel insulted if anyone questions their integrity.

Thanks, Tech.
I posted a comment containing a bit of their nonsense, but it seems to have gotten sent to the spam bin. What they've doneis copied and pasted four or five different lists of all known illnesses - from gas poisoning to quadripligia and back.

I wish I could list 15 000 synonyms for despicable.

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