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June 02, 2009


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Well, it is nice to see them doing their job well. And you have to admire their honesty...

No, wait - you don't.

I've never heard the assertion that blogs aren't blogs if comments aren't enabled.

I occasionally glance at the Disco ‘Tute’s “Evolution News & Views” blog... just to marvel at what easily refutable drivel they’re writing today.

I don't know how you do it. My brain explodes when I try to seek out nonsense. I tend to just write about nonsense that crosses my path.

I guess that's why you blog is far more entertaining with a far higher readership than mine. Keep up the good work!.

also, I'm with rubinass, seems to me its still a "web-log" whether or not you allow people to comment. Perhaps not an interesting one, but a blog nonetheless.

I think what Skeptico was trying to say wasn't that they aren't a blog, but that it isn't News & Views--without comments to provide a second view, it's really just one (inaccurate) view of evolution. That's how I took it, at least.

Yeah, he was refering to the "views" part of their title. They should have made "views" singular.

Yeah but then it wouldn't rhyme with "news"...

"Evolution New & View", works for me.

This helpless infants argument is an old canard. A while back someone in some forum somewhere said "What do they expect? Babies to leap raptor-like from their mothers' vaginas ready to kill?"

How about "Evolution? Eeeew!... and View"

It doesn't scan well but it would be truthful :)

Stewart, thanks for a wonderful mental image.

Of course babies being unable to fend for themselves doesn't say anything good for a creator that frequently killed off mothers during childbirth either. But I guess the DI forgot to mention that.

I wonder what they'd say about this


"Two homosexual Humboldt penguins have become happy foster parents at the Bremerhaven Zoo, marking the first time two male penguins have helped hatch a baby bird in the northern German port city."

lol yakaru,

I just linked to this article about stinkin, lyin', kidnappin gay penguins at atheist revolution

That's more up the Discovery Institute's alley - the other penguins ostracising them, and the zoo keepers segregating them. That's more like the true laws of nature!

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