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August 14, 2009


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Ontological arguments are OK, but a new vision of our worlds has arrived and must be taken into any current considerations of how God does it.
With the existence of 'Techie Worlds' (available at amazon.com) believers in Christianity can hold their views utilizing sound logic, clear thinking and a mechanistic view of worlds. Applying Flatland's concept of contiguous dimensional worlds, Trinity, Resurrection, Judgment and soul are sensible and mechanically viable beliefs. 'Techie Worlds' follows that rule of science by which individual details are tested for their conformity to the overarching hypothesis. Admittedly, agnostics may choose not to follow such obvious and sensible logic, but no longer can they denigrate believers for fuzzy thinking. Moslems and pagans who read and understand the sound logic of the Flatland concept must adopt the reasonable Trinitarian view. 'Techie Worlds' will make them abandon the ways of terror an adopt the way of love. Techie Worlds is not standard preacher-prattle. Only by reading it can you open your mind to its valid way of understanding Christianity.

Only by reading it can you open your mind to its valid way of understanding Christianity.

So how come pepople claimed to fully understand it before this seminal work? Can you give me a little taste of the logic involved before I lash out money on this tome, to which I confess I am not predisposed?

From your partial handle, it would appear that you are the author of this work, so I imagine you can offer a taster. What would you say was the best argument the book employs?

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