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August 05, 2009


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I have always admired Con artists. The various tricks they use to get idiots to give them money is amazing.
I know this makes me an evil person but I cannot feel sorry for any of the 'victims' and in someways I wish I had the 'gift?' of verbal juggling to do the con.
The 'pet psycho' is no less dishonest then the other group of psychic peddlers - priests(by any name)

I disagree with you, Skeptico. Pet Psychics are all about cold reading the human owners of the dogs. Obviously, the dogs themselves are entirely immune to it, but it is not the dog that must be convinced, but rather the much more lucrative owner, so it is the owner that gets cold-read by the psychic.

"I'll go to a barbecue and people will have their dogs there -- I'd rather talk to the dogs,"

Surely it's the animals that are being barbecued who need a psychic, isn't it? Or am I getting my woo-masters mixed?

hah, yeah it seems like a barbecue is no place for a person who can talk to living and dead animals.

Surely it's the animals that are being barbecued who need a psychic, isn't it? Or am I getting my woo-masters mixed?

LOL! too true! i'm surprised that psychic isn't getting bombarded with "negative vibes" from the entrees.

Hahaha. I picture pet psychics doing the "shake" trick with a dog and hearing that dramatic music cue.

"i'm picking up vibrations..."

"Yes, roof..."



(Warning: Shameless self-promotion ahead!)

Ooh! My new podcast has a pet psychic!



The Kansas City Star just did a shameless credulous article on a local pet psychic.


You might want to check out a guy called Derek Ogilvie.

He does the pet psychic routine on pre-verbal children.

I get angry every time I see that shit on TV (dutch TV, but the bastard didn't even bother to switch to another language than English).

Unfortunately, that's not the only TV coverage he gets. He also has his own commercial site, where you can book him for your bar mitzvah.

What annoys me about that, is how it reduces children to sock puppets. It's bad enough that happens to pets, but parents are taking this nonsense very seriously, and that will have consequences for their children.

I used to board my horse at a barn in Maryland where there there was a woo-woo who periodically brought in acupuncturists (!) and similar silliness for the horses. One day I was coming back from a jog in the woods with my horse (the mighty P-nut, aka "2,000lbs of brown") and she exclaimed:
"What a handsome fellow!! What's his name?"
and I replied:
"You tell me."
I was not her favorite person.

(I completely forgot to mention that "she" in that context was an "animal communicator" who had just been 'conversing' with another of the horses in the barn. I Kinda ruined the punchline, huh?)

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