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October 05, 2009


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Does he think that accommodationism is a disabling strategy?

It's certainly an optimum strategy for disabling critical reasoning and self-esteem.

Gee, maybe Josh is right after all!

Donegal grotto statue 'took on human form'
Visitors to a remote grotto have claimed a statue wept and crosses appeared and disappeared in the night sky this week.

That is indeed another way of knowing, which has given these people knowledge which science is not capable of passing judgment upon, because God won't repeat this for a bunch of faithless scientists. (I just kinda know He won't, all right?)

See, these people would believe in evolution as well if Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne hadn't told them that their ideas aren't compatible with science.

Perspectivism: There are no religious phenomena at all, but only a religious interpretation of phenomena.

Quick question: *Could* the "accommodationists" be considered the people who try to move addicts to say methadone then (presumably) off drugs altogether?

I have often wondered how putting someone on an addictive substance that works just like heroin is supposed to wean them off... heroin.

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