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December 05, 2009


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The truth is, I’ve just been having trouble recently finding the motivation to write anything new. I seem to have covered all the major topics I wanted to cover when I started this blog, plus many more (What The Bleep!? / The Secret) that I never even envisioned back in February 2005.
I think we've all been in that situation, Skeptico. Between real-life issues and lack of inspiration, we've all had lulls in posting (I certainly have). Glad to hear you're doing well, and I know I'll be around when your muse returns.

I am also considering cutting back on blogging, for much the same reasons as you. It seems like we are seeing the same, debunked nonsense again and again.

Speaking on blogreading - I am currently working on making a collection of skeptic resources on the internet (it can be found here: Skeptics on the net). It's very much work in progress, but I hope to add a few more each week.

You do certainly deserve a break, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months and I find it pretty interesting.


P.S: Some guy is claiming he has scientific evidence for ID, this are the links if you want to tear somebodey else appart.



Some guy is claiming he has scientific evidence for ID, this are the links if you want to tear somebody else apart.


The Talk Origins Archive has debunked it all already. These are old claims.


I had a comment on "Roseneau Is Projecting Again" but it appears the comments on that post were disallowed after the sixth. Is that the usual cut-off for comments on all of your posts?


The Roseneau post is still open, so you should still be able to post. What do you see when you try to post a comment?

Thanks knuckleshuffler, the halos thing was what I wanted to see, the blogger's posts are pretty reidiculous

Nico said
The blogger's posts are pretty ridiculous

Blogger Dave wrote
“I think science can be taught without referencing evolution. Isaac Newton did not believe the theory, and is recognized as one of the world’s greatest scientists.”

Not only is it an argument from authority fallacy, but Newton believed in astrology, and wasn’t even around when Darwin published his theory.

“ I believe that the general theory of evolution is a hindrance to research and does not enhance the progress of knowledge at all.”

Which shows how ignorant this person is. Blogger Dave needs some PZ Myers and some Richard Dawkins, not the bible myths.

Thanks, Skeptico, for giving us an update on your situation with respect to blogging. As Tom Foss so eloquently put it, I'm at least glad to know that you are doing well, and I will be around when your muse returns.

~David D.G.

The other important story is of course the suicide attempt made by Billy Joel's daughter. We can only imagine what she was experiencing as she attempted to end it all using homeopathic pain killers.

Coincidentally, commenter Orycteropus on Pharyngula recently pointed out a passage from writer L. Sprague de Camp in "Little Green Men" that seems relevant:

"The scientific debunker's job may be compared to that of the trash collector. The fact that the garbage truck comes by today does not mean that there won't be another load tomorrow. But if the garbage were not collected at all, the results would be worse, as some cities have found when the sanitation workers struck.

So let us do our best to get rid of this ideological garbage, lest it inundate the earth. Our work will never be decisive, since old cults are almost unkillable and new ones keep springing up; but that is no reason for not doing what we can. If we can save even a few from the lure of the higher nonsense, our efforts will have been worthwhile."

Of course, if you need a break, you need a break.

Skeptico debunks the blue sky myth.

The great skeptico has told us that the sky is green. Blue sky rumors are half truths are just figments of peoples imaginations. Some credible people have claimed to have evidence that the sky is blue, but skeptico has assured us that they are fakes. Since everyone knows that skeptico is always right and can never be wrong, people are starting to spread the word that the sky is really green.

Gee, Joe, why don't you try meaningful conversation?

Oh, and Skeptico, like pretty much all skeptics, tell people why they're wrong. Read up on logical fallacies.

Joe is an alchemist. His attempt at irony is really leaden.

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