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January 23, 2010


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The Independent quoted a recent statement from him:

"We have been dealing with doubters for 10 years. One of the problems we have is that the machine does look a little primitive. We are working on a new model that has flashing lights."

Let him share a cell with Tony Blair.

I am horrified that McCormick could be allowed to export garbage like the ADE-651. It sullies the name of the UK. I too would like to see him in a cell, just like the one Tony Bliar [sic] and GW Bush should be in, awaiting trial for war-crimes for invading Iraq.

I don't get it. Did the Iraqi government never test the device before placing such a huge order with the company? Or were they fooled by a bogus demonstration or something?

Ape, who installed the Iraqi government?

TO APE MONSTER, you still do not get it ...
Here is a quote from the blogger's article"

""The Iraqi officer who appeared at a press conference with McCormick recently, Major General Jehad al-Jabiri, apparently said he did not care about the failed tests of this device. I join Randi in hoping the Iraqis investigate this Iraqi officer’s connection to the manufacturers of the device. Apparently it has been sold for $16,500 (still a rip off for something that does nothing), although it was sold to the Iraqi military for up to $60,000. Would the Major General’s bank accounts reveal kickbacks received from McCormick’s company? There would have been enough spare cash from that $85 million to pay off any number of intermediaries. ""

Or were they fooled by a bogus demonstration or something?

Yes, they were, I've seen the footage on the news here in the UK. They did a demo with a hand grenade in full view amongst a collection of other objects. Thanks to the ideomotor effect, the wand pointed to the grenade.

Having said that, I'd be very surprised if there weren't kickbakcs and bribes involved too...

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