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January 30, 2010


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I sometimes write a post that collates blog responses, both positive and negative, to a given issue.

I'm keeping one now on responses to the GMC's ruling on Andrew Wakefield's conduct.

I've added your blog to the list.

The post is at


I find it...curious that the "autism is vaccine injury" crowd have responded so little to the GMC verdict. Yes, there was a flurry of posts at Age of Autism...but elsewhere, nothing. Or nothing I can find.

I suspect that a lot of conversation is going on in closed listservs at Google, Yahoo and elsewhere.

They say stuff like "we stand by Andy" but we know and they know that events like this and the OAP verdicts are major blows. They keep losing badly on many different fronts, scientific and legal.

i was listening to KNX 1070 los angeles AM radio station when the news about this broke, and they gave exactly 13 seconds to the soundbite report from the GMC. Then they let someone who was anti-vax talk for about 50 seconds. I was going to call them on their bullshit reporting, but an hour later, the same story was repeated with just the soundbite and the lead-in. so maybe they got a bunch of angry calls.

I should note that hearing the 50 second spiel by the anti-vaxxer nearly made me wreak my vehicle on the freeway. I was very very infuriated.

i still can't tell you exactly what autism looks like, or how it's diagnosed in kids. (especially newborns...who says that the kid has to wave at mommy and smile all the time? maybe she's just a stern person and the child is just more aware?) seriously, just about everyone i know could be autistic. i'm not saying it isn't real and affecting many, but if so many are developing it and it can vary in style, how in the world can you honestly say it's one thing or another?

Stilflumoxed: Have you tried looking at the diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders? Here's a site that explains them from the DSM-IV (which may mean that it's slightly outdated, as it doesn't reference the DSM-IV-TR). Wikipedia has a decent explanation of the early childhood symptoms as well.

Just because a set of disorders presents in a variety of ways doesn't mean that there aren't diagnostic criteria.

Thanks Tom!
Those links did provide me with more insight and i didn't mean to sound like i was dismissing the disease. I had just read your piece on Mike Adams and was feeling a bit at odds; Adams is obviously passionate about the problems and wants to help everyone, but it hurts my mind to read his stuff or take him seriously. Has he ever responded?
Thanks for writing that piece and making it clear to me that there are people who still wait for evidence before making a decision. You too Skeptico. Been a fan of this site for years!

See Dr. Mercola's interview with Wakefield and you will be stunned. THis is a bonifide cover up by the gov't, whistelblower included. Must see Youtube.

So I've been engaging in a self-induced blog celibacy for two years, but..

Must see Youtube.

Is this the new thing the woos do instead of "google it"? Now I have to actually watch it? I harken for the olden times like 2005 when the woos still read. They're getting reeeeally lazy now.

Seriously? YouTube it??

Where is the coverup, seekingthetruth? Did the "gov't" (interesting that you don't say which one--Wakefield is British, don'cha know) rewrite Wakefield's Lancet paper to make it a small-scale study with little power to do more than suggest new avenues of research? Did the "gov't" contaminate the lab Wakefield used with measles viruses so he'd get a false positive result? Did the "gov't" force Wakefield to pay kids at his son's birthday party for blood samples? Did the "gov't" rewrite the medical records of some of Wakefield's test participants to show that they had autism symptoms before vaccination? Did the "gov't" force Wakefield not to disclose that he'd been hired by lawyers looking for evidence to use against vaccine manufacturers? Did the "gov't" force Wakefield to perform dangerous and unnecessary procedures like lumbar punctures on autistic children? Exactly how did the "gov't" invent Wakefield's grossly unethical actions?

There is another youtube where his comments are reviewed and called a tall story:

As a mom of a teenage boy with Asperger's syndrome (who was born in 1995) I remember when Dr. Wakefield's original research and "leaky gut" theory was making the rounds. I remember, too, feeling enormous guilt for having my child vaccinated and then the subsequent debate about vaccinating my other children. Once my initial panic subsided, I did the research. I vaccinated all of my children. What I resent MOST is how some autism advocacy groups (and I believe they can do good work in raising awareness about the disability) inflict such guilt on parents who are just trying to make the right decisions for their kids. When I told some other parents of autistic kids that I had my other children vaccinated, they were completely aghast. They thought I was irresponsible and abusive to subject them to something that is "KNOWN" to "cause autism."

If we are really concerned with treating this disability and really concerned with preventing its occurrence, why aren't these groups screaming the results of the GMC investigation? What is really going on here?

cool post!!!

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