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January 24, 2010


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I'm simply shocked that this person actually exists.

I couldn't come up with a caricature of a woo that's as absurd as this guy if I tried my hardest.

Well, it's no Uncommon Descent, but I've been banned from NaturalNews, and my honest-but-negative comment was deleted. Why allow people to rate posts if you're just going to delete the negative ratings?

To ave your ego massaged on a regular basis, Tom: that0s why you would do it.

These people are unbelieveably petty.

Maybe he's confusing the number of antigens contained in a vaccine schedule? Something I have on my web page for fighting the anti-vax pro-disease nutters: http://factsnotfantasy.com/vaccines.html

* Something for people concerned about overwhelming the immune system, take into account that in 1985, doctors vaccinated for seven diseases using 3,000 antigens. Today, health care providers can vaccinate against 16 diseases using only 200 antigens.

I am relying on fallible memory here, so please feel free to correct me or post a reference: I seem to remember reading that some scientist proved that it would take 10,000 simultaneous or serially-delivered vaccinations to overwhelm a child's immune system.

If my memory is correct, then bring on your 900 vaccines, woomeister.

My FSM... I followed the link and read through this guy's downright dangerous twaddle.

I feel dirty and sullied now... this guy is frighteningly idiotic. The damage he could cause to the vulnerable is immense.

Big Al, on the 10,000 number, my memory says that was how much an infant could take in terms of antigen load, since they're exposed to millions of antigens just by the act of living in a non-sterile environment, and they can take it.

Big Al, here is the paper: Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm or Weaken the Infant’s Immune System?

Sorry, Dog, but one of the conclusions of the paper Chris cited seems to tally with my memory of it:

then each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time

The paper estimates the max antigen count as in the range 10^7 to 10^11 - allowing a minimum of 1000 antigens for each one of those 10^4 vaccines!

Sorry, make that 10^9 minimum - a cool 100,000 antigens per shot.

Okay. You win. :)

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